Eastern Communications’ cloud platform to block data breaches

Eastern Communications’ cloud platform to block data breaches

TELECOMMUNICATIONS company Eastern Communications has launched its cloud-based security platform Sophos Central Intercept X Advanced (CIXA) which aims to prevent data breaches and block ransomware attacks.

“We’re proud to introduce CIXA at a time when businesses need it most. With CIXA, businesses of all sizes can guarantee more proactive threat prevention, advanced malware protection, scalability, and flexibility toward cyber resilience,” said Edsel C. Paglinawan, Eastern Communications vice-president and head of product and innovation, in a media release on Monday.

The platform aims to protect organizations from cyberattacks, Eastern Communications said, adding that CIXA uses combined advanced technology such as endpoint detection and response, anti-malware, and machine learning-based protection to detect and block malicious activity from affecting a system.

“As digital adoption becomes more crucial today, Eastern Communications continues to remain agile and innovative as we continue to encourage businesses to evolve,” Mr. Paglinawan said.

Aside from preventing data breaches and ransomware attacks, the platform offers technological advancements preventing phishing e-mails and advanced malware.

The company said that CIXA is compatible with industries and businesses that are looking for low-cost cybersecurity solutions that don’t need new hardware.

The telecommunications company offers cybersecurity solutions like next-generation firewalls, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, endpoint security, and protection against distributed denial of service attacks. — Ashley Erika O. Jose

Neil Banzuelo