Bespoke International Group Boosts Employee Performance with Innovative App

Bespoke International Group Boosts Employee Performance with Innovative App

Bespoke International Group, a leading provider of outsourced customer service solutions, has unveiled a tailored employee engagement app that has proven to enhance staff retention rates and elevate overall employee performance within the organisation.

Known simply as ‘The Bespoke App,’ this innovative tool has been meticulously crafted by the company’s in-house development team, offering employees at one of South Africa’s fastest-growing firms a secure, convenient, and collaborative platform.

Donovan Soobramoney, Director of Shared Services, explained the motivation behind the app’s creation: “We wanted to develop a unique technology solution that would enhance employee inclusivity, engagement, KPI performance, and drive staff retention. We believe that it’s the very first of its kind within the industry, and the benefits it has brought has exceeded our expectations.”

Soobramoney continued, “The development process involved cross departmental collaboration, to effectively realise a meaningful two-way communication tool that delivers performance benchmarking, motivational content sharing and engagement between team members and senior staff.”

He emphasised, “Much more than a traditional intranet, we think of it as an “Employee Relationship Management” (ERM) tool, crafted via a user-friendly application that consolidates multiple features. The task was undoubtedly challenging, but we successfully transformed our vision into reality.”

“We’ve long believed that employee engagement is vital to foster a positive working culture and encourage the behaviours that we know create an outstanding business. The ‘Bespoke App’ is just one example of our investment in employees and is helping us create a happier working environment, reducing attrition rates and encouraging staff to develop their careers with us. Continuity and experience feed through to our clients by way of outstanding customer service.”

Established in 2018, Bespoke International Group operates from a state-of-the-art contact centre in Durban, where it has become a preferred supplier to the energy and retail sectors.

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